Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Ultimate Willy Wonka Party

S: Oh, Willy Wonka. I love what a sad sack Charlie Bucket is. I love what a bitch Veruca is. I love all the moral songs of the Oompa-Loompas. I love the scene at the end when Gene Wilder yells, "Good day, sir!" in his office of half-things.

This past weekend, Chris and I went to the Ultimate Willy Wonka Party at the Alamo Drafthouse. Mike Teevee (Paris Theeman) and Veruca Salt (Julie Dawn Cole) were there for a Q&A after, and they were both so genuinely thrilled to be in a room full of people that love the movie they had made over 40 (!) years ago.

Julie revealed that she had a crush on Peter Ostrum (Charlie) when they were filming, and he asked her out on a date. She wrote to her mother by mail to ask for permission to go out with him, but by the time she heard back, Peter had already moved on to Denise Nickerson (Violet Beauregarde). Apparently not such a sad sack after all! Who knew that real-life Charlie was such a player?

On the way out, we got this rad poster, signed by Paris and Julie. Love!

And one of my favorite scenes:

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