Friday, May 11, 2012

Short and Sweet Guide to Fredericksburg

S: Chris and I recently celebrated our two-year-versary (as we call it). (We also celebrate monthversaries, which our friends give us much deserved too-sweet flak for.) This versary will be our only yearly one as an engaged couple, so we decided to take a midweek trip to Fredericksburg, a small town about an hour and a half outside of Austin. We stayed at Hoffman Haus, a b&b that is more like a collection of adorable cottages. (When I think "b&b," a huge house with separate rooms and a large communal area comes to mind. It's nothing like that.) Breakfast is brought to your door each morning in a picnic basket, and it's just an all-around lovely experience.

The driveway of Hoffman Haus

Picnic basket breakfast

Chris in front of our room

For lunch the first day, we went to the Sunset Grill. (I had the Q Burger and Chris had the Black & Blue Burger.) We then headed to Red, one of our favorite designy stores, and ended up buying some awesome metal numbers that we plan on incorporating into our centerpieces for our wedding reception next year. We also stopped by Root and Beulah's, which are right across the street. Root carries high-priced indie designers (think Lauren Moffatt) and Beulah's is expensive cute things for the kiddos.

Root and Beulah's

We also met this cute dog at a wine store on Main Street. He was so old and wobbly I instantly fell in love with him.

My new bff

That night we had dinner at Navajo Grill and drinks at Lincoln Street Wine Bar.

Us at Lincoln Street

The next day we did more shopping after checking out of Hoffman Haus. I had to say good-bye to this sweet little guy that hung out on our porch the entire time we were there. I wanted to take him with us SO BAD.

Sweet thang (plus my red toes)


We headed to Alamo Springs Cafe, home of one of the best burgers in Texas, on the way back to Austin. This took about thirty minutes to eat, but was well worth the time and effort.

The Cover Burger, as they call it.

More (less friendly) cats on the cafe's porch. I don't judge though. 
I love all cats, even snobby ones.

To stay: Hoffman Haus
To eat: Sunset Grill, Navajo Grill, Alamo Springs Cafe
To shop: Red, Root, Beulah's
To drink: Lincoln Street Wine Bar

Also, remember that you can get a glass of wine or a mug of beer and drink as you walk around town. A lot of places on Main Street have to-go cups. It's encouraged!

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