Monday, November 26, 2012

Christmas Tree Ornaments

S: In years past (due to mostly space issues), we have had a tiny, pathetic, but well-loved Charlie Brown tree. But this year we decided to economize our space and get an actual human-sized green beaut to adore. So, of course, we needed to buy more ornaments because the dozen we had before were not going to do the yuletide trick anymore. Cheery acquisitions:
Polka-dot big cat
 Ceramic white whale
 Cozy scarfed snowman

I also love these holiday ornament cards.

And these felt polar bears.

And this love block ornament.

And I still have my eye on this too cute Pollyanna bunny.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Animal Wallpaper Silhouettes

S: Love this lion wallpaper silhouette by Romp. More animals (elephants, ostriches, horses, giraffes!) at the link.

(Image via Romp)

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Nasher Sculpture Center

S: Chris and I took a quick detour on our trip to visit family in Dallas on Saturday to visit the Nasher Sculpture Center and play a lightning round of I'm a Statue.

Such a pretty roofless museum.

The Dallas Art Museum is across the street, too, and they have a Posters of Paris exhibit running right now that is quite lovely. (Also, I found out a Cindy Sherman exhibit is running there next March, and I am SUPER stoked. I adore her. When I lived in NYC, I almost splurged on an original print of hers once but decided that it was way too expensive for my grad school budget...but I still regret not buying it! These are the things that haunt you, people.)

Instagram Magnets

S:  Perfect stocking stuffer: StickyGrams (magnets made with Instagram photos).

(Image via StickyGram)

Monday, November 5, 2012

This and That

I made these amazingly simple Nutella cookies last week. (Also, I am loving the Ambitious Kitchen blog in general. So many good treats.)

Ampersand bottle opener.

Cute rabbit holiday card.

This chili looks delicous.

Love these peach polka-dot oxfords.

Excited about this new Thai restaurant opening.

(Image via Pinterest)
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