Sunday, December 27, 2015

A Year in Photos: 2015

Hello there! The retrospective photo post is the best kind of post, amiright?

This year will be remembered most awesomely as being the year we bought our first house. (!!!) It has a yellow door and lots of character (ahem, what others would call room for improvement); we love it and it instantaneously felt like home.

And, what an amazing year of travel! Miami, Key West, Naples, Orlando, Marion, Atlanta, and Chicago.

This year was one of the good ones. So many memories to hold on to for the rest of our lives. *insert smiling emoji with the rosy-red cheeks here*

On to the photos! (You can take a look at past years here: 2014, 2013, 2012.)

January (the continuing cuteness of Scout)

February (the Skeehearts getting drinks)

March (A rainy SXSW week didn't hold us back!)

April (at one of many Thinkery21 events we attended this year)

May (We watched Carla and Ned get engaged!)

June (girls' trip to Marion, Illinois)

Also June (Carla gets married!)

July (tour de Florida with Jacquelyn and Arnaud)

August (at a wedding in Atlanta)

September (We bought a house!)

October (We said good-bye to living in east Austin and being so close to these awesome ladies.)

November (housewarming party)

Also November (another girls' trip to Chicago)

Also November (November was on fire, y'all!) (Kristin's bachelorette party)

December (Kristin and Manuel's amazing wedding)
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