Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Top Five Podcast Episodes of 2016

I love a good podcast, especially one that can change the way you think about the world or let you in on a subculture or niche you never knew existed. In no particular order, these are the podcast episodes that have resonated the most with me this year.

1. Revisionist History's The Lady Vanishes

 The Lady Vanishes explores the world of art and politics to examine the strange phenomenon of the ‘token’—the outsider whose success serves not to alleviate discrimination but perpetuate it.”

2. 99% Invisible's HoldoutWhatever her reasons were for doing it, she stood her ground. And she became a symbol, whether she wanted to or not. There’s even a tattoo shop in Seattle that does a special tattoo to honor the legacy of Edith Macefield. It is a picture of her little house, and underneath it—the word Steadfast.

3. This American Life's Seriously?Watching lies become the truth in this year's election. And a few people who try to bridge the gap between the way the two sides see the facts.

4. Radiolab's The Girl Who Doesn’t ExistAlecia Faith Pennington was born at home, homeschooled, and never visited a dentist or a hospital. By both chance and design she is completely invisible in the eyes of the state. We follow Faith as she struggles to free herself from one restrictive world only to find that she is trapped in another. In her journey to prove her American citizenship she attempts to answer the age-old question: who am I?

5. Invisibilia's Flip the ScriptUsually when someone is hostile to us, we are hostile right back. The psychological term is complementarity. But then in rare cases someone manages to be warm, and what happens as a result can be surprising.

All podcasts are available for free to download on iTunes as well.

(Image via Revisionist History. All excerpts from respective websites.)

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

This and That

This made me laugh.

Lemony chicken and orzo soup FTW. (I skipped the leek and the dill, and it was still delicious.)

Marimekko Target collaboration.

Saw this band yesterday night. So pretty/sad.

Quiz: Can we guess your age and income, based solely on the apps on your phone? (This was so wrong about me, but oddly flattering and fun. Under 32?!? Why thank you, Washington Post!)

Such a pretty swimsuit.

(Image via Pinterest)

Sunday, December 27, 2015

A Year in Photos: 2015

Hello there! The retrospective photo post is the best kind of post, amiright?

This year will be remembered most awesomely as being the year we bought our first house. (!!!) It has a yellow door and lots of character (ahem, what others would call room for improvement); we love it and it instantaneously felt like home.

And, what an amazing year of travel! Miami, Key West, Naples, Orlando, Marion, Atlanta, and Chicago.

This year was one of the good ones. So many memories to hold on to for the rest of our lives. *insert smiling emoji with the rosy-red cheeks here*

On to the photos! (You can take a look at past years here: 2014, 2013, 2012.)

January (the continuing cuteness of Scout)

February (the Skeehearts getting drinks)

March (A rainy SXSW week didn't hold us back!)

April (at one of many Thinkery21 events we attended this year)

May (We watched Carla and Ned get engaged!)

June (girls' trip to Marion, Illinois)

Also June (Carla gets married!)

July (tour de Florida with Jacquelyn and Arnaud)

August (at a wedding in Atlanta)

September (We bought a house!)

October (We said good-bye to living in east Austin and being so close to these awesome ladies.)

November (housewarming party)

Also November (another girls' trip to Chicago)

Also November (November was on fire, y'all!) (Kristin's bachelorette party)

December (Kristin and Manuel's amazing wedding)

Friday, May 1, 2015

This and That

Consider me intrigued.

It was never a dress.

Crazy about quinoa.

Cute necklace.

Derby weekend always makes me want one of these.

Colorful leggings.

(Image via Pinterest)

Monday, April 20, 2015

Thursday, January 1, 2015

A Year in Photos: 2014

In a year that could be remembered in many drastically different ways, I am going to simply ordain 2014 as: The Year We Got Scout, the Cutest Kitten Ever. Skip to October below to see her sweet mug.

(Here are the photo round-ups from 2013 and 2012.)

January (bowling with the fam)

February (weekend trip to Comfort)

March (SXSW)

April (board gaming it)

May (The Color Run)

June (taking care of Mom)

July (Fourth of July party)

August (at Winedale)

September (b-day group selfie)

October (the arrival of Scout)

November (Thanksgiving weekend)

December (family portrait)

Friday, December 19, 2014

This and That

parody of Serial.

Free holiday tag download.

Long exposures of firefly trails.

People reading poorly chosen books in public.

Pretty: DIY rosemary wreath gift toppers.

Cool posters.

Cinnamon rose rolls with frosting.

(Photo via Pinterest)

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