Monday, May 14, 2012

Austin Beerworks Anniversary

S: This might look like an impressive tower of superhero-colored beer cans.

And it is, but all the stacked cans are empty, which my friend Cienna used her Sherlock powers to deduce for us. I guess for decoration? We never found out. We did, however, drink the afternoon away on Saturday at the Austin Beerworks Anniversary party. Ten bucks got you a sweet commemorative pint glass (see below in Chris's hand), three beers, and the leisure of strolling around their brewery.

 Chris getting the Flying Headbutt Belgian-style IPA (new anniversary beer, delicious)
 Sandra and Wonder Woman
 Nice stained-glass logo
White can tower fronted by unicorn, dinosaur, and eagle

Austin in the pre-summer is the best. Please don't let it get scorching hot, Weather Controlling Gods. Our good times are at your mercy.


  1. Glad you could make it out to our party!

    While the stacks of empty cans do make good decoration, that's not why they're there. We have to order over 90,000 cans per design at a time. It just takes us a while to fill them all up.

    Thanks for the support!

    -Austin Beerworks

  2. Thanks for clarifying! We had a great time!


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