Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Vintage Book Find: The Fat of the Cat (1925)

When Chris and I were in Comfort for our Valentine's Day weekend getaway, I found this book at one of the vintage shops in town, and I am sort of obsessed with it.

The other day I started researching the original German author Gottfried Keller and the American adapter Louis Untermeyer. According to Britannica, Keller was the "greatest German-Swiss narrative writer of late 19th-century Poetischer Realismus (Poetic Realism)." And Untermeyer was an American poet who was also the "author, editor or compiler, and translator of more than one hundred books for readers of all ages." He was also married to some pretty amazing sounding women.

The book has some lovely illustrations and a full-page of color that I keep looking at in the front matter.

Here's to amazing vintage store finds, y'all. Makes me want to hit up Room Service this weekend.

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