Thursday, August 14, 2014

Throwback Thursday: The Ladies of the 90s, Music Edition

I went to yoga last night, and among the many fine songs played during practice was Fiona Apple's "Criminal." Yes on so many levels, y'all. Here's to the ladies of the 90s, the ones who did not give any fraks(So hard not to throw a BSG reference into basically everything all the time.)

To start, here's just a random amazing photo of the ladies from Twin Peaks that came up in a Google image search for "90s ladies":

And now to the music:

Fiona Apple "Criminal"

I was supposed to see her live a couple of years ago finally, but then this happened. :(

 L7 "Pretend We're Dead"

Still obsessed with this song.

Hole "Doll Parts"

So many middle school feels about this one.

The Juliana Hatfield Three "Spin the Bottle"

Ugh. Winona and Ethan. Reality Bites FTW.

Veruca Salt "Seether"

I dressed up as Veruca Salt for Halloween one year. They had me at Veruca. Also, REUNITED.

(Image via New Wave Crashing)

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