Friday, June 28, 2013

Homebrew IPA: First Batch


Homebrewing* has begun! We spent six and a half hours last night creating our first batch of IPA from a Brooklyn Brewshop kit we got as a wedding gift a couple of months ago. I was definitely naive in estimating the whole process would take about three hours, but in my defense, only a few lengths of time are mentioned in the directions. (But I probably should have just googled to find other people's blog posts about using the kit, so...not a really good defense after all.)

Regardless of taking way more time than expected, we ended up feeling like kitchen pioneers, aka, awesome. And I kept thinking, Beer should be more expensive! (You're welcome, beer companies of the world.)

Getting started
Lovely mash
More temperaturing

Note One: Next to 6-quart stock pot" in the equipment list, it says second pot is handy." I would change that to a second pot is absolutely necessary unless you want to do a lot of kitchen juggling."

Note Two: The cooling down portion in the ice bath in Section 4 took us thirty to forty minutes (which was unexpected), so factor that into your time estimate.

Note Three: I'll let you know if it's amazing or disgusting in four weeks and two days. Methinks just waiting that amount of time for a beer will make it the best beer ever, but you never know.

* Note: I struggled between styling this as homebrewing and home brewing. The dictionary has it as two words, but Google Trends has it as more popular as one. So to be on trend and not to appear like a total homebrewing idiot, I kept it as one, but the copyeditor in me still wants to make it two. True agony, y'all.

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