Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Indie and Classic Wedding Songs: Reception

For our reception, we mixed classic songs with a few indie ones. We let my dad and Chris's mom choose their respective songs, which added another unexpected layer of meaning to the process (the back-and-forth with each parent and one another about song choice and the lyrics of each contender was time-consuming, but so worth it in the end).

Some choices were easy. Nothing was going in place of Beyonce for the bouquet toss, and we decided on Peter Gabriel's version of Book of Love right after we got engaged.

The David Bowie, Edward Sharp, and Icona Pop picks all came within the last few weeks before the wedding. Last-minute inspiration was definitely working in our favor. (Also, I really recommend doing a more wider known penultimate dance song (Home) and then picking it up a dance-y notch with a faster last one. It felt like the entire wedding hall was shaking when Icona Pop started playing with all our guests already on the dance floor ready to go after the group Home sing-along/dance-it-up.)

Our entrance song
David Bowie: Golden Years

Our first dance
Peter Gabriel: Book of Love

Father/daughter dance (picked by my dad)
Tom T. Hall: Old Dogs, Children, and Watermelon Wine

Mother/son dance (picked by Chris's mom)
Lynyrd Skynyrd: Simple Man

Bouquet toss
Beyonce: All the Single Ladies

Penultimate dance
Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeroes: Home

Last dance
Icona Pop: I Love It!

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