Thursday, May 30, 2013

Honeymoon Reads

What I read on our honeymoon:

These books are full of white sand from the glorious beaches of Turks and Caicos now. 

The Storytelling Animal: Chris got this for me this past Valentine's Day. I had many reasons for marrying Chris, and one of them definitely is Picking Out Amazing Books for Me That I Have Never Heard of But That Are Awesome and I Need to Read Because They Will Change the Way I Think About the World. This is one of those books. As someone entrenched in editing, copyediting, and proofreading fiction on a daily basis, Gottschall made me step back (or rather lay back on a beach chaise with a margarita on the rocks in hand) and think about what compels me and all of these people I work with (and just about everyone else on the planet) to obsess over story. Well done. I'll spend the next few weeks annoyingly reciting statistics that blew my mind to friends and family.

Let's Pretend This Never Happened: People kept telling me to read this book, and I didn't understand why until I actually started it. TEXAS, Y'ALL. Got it now, friends. Read the book by a Texan. Not obvious at all in the least itty-bitty way.

But it's actually so much more than that! I knew little of Jenny Lawson or her blog before getting her book. And this was, in hindsight, to MY OWN DETRIMENT. She's hilarious, and writes about the small intricacies of life with weight. In an effortless, conversational way. Which is so hard to do! Yes, please, adding her to my blog roll and patiently awaiting the day when her next book is added to a pub list.

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