Wednesday, March 12, 2014

SXSW Day 1: Wristbands and Game of Thrones

The last time I bought a SXSW music wristband was in 2004, when I was a first-year grad student at NYU and home for spring break. Ten years ago! Although the festival and all the surrounding hoopla has changed a lot in the intervening decade (more corporate everything, more free events that attract a boozy crowd), I still love it and the energy it brings to Austin.

Yesterday, Chris and I were able to pick up our music wristbands in about two seconds (just like I did ten years ago!) at the Austin Convention Center, and then we headed over to the Game of Thrones exhibition since it was the last day. (Most of the music events don't start until today.) Below, some shots of our adventures.

 Game of Thrones exhibition line at Austin Music Hall.
 Waiting in the sun.
In charge.
Chris in the virtual-reality immersive experience of ascending the wall. More info on that here.

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