Thursday, July 25, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Clueless Fashion Edition

Clueless turned eighteen last week. Adult. Mind. Blown. My friends and I were obsessed with this movie when we were teenagers. It added fashion fuel to our already-burning Contempo Casuals fire. Also, Paul Rudd. Enough said. And it definitely affected us in ways I didn't even notice at the time, like our desire to wear pastel cardigans and awesomely bright hats. Some evidence for nostalgia's sake:

Disaffected youth. Note the thigh-high socks and miniskirt, 
and also the white T-shirt under the baby-doll dress.
 Lavender shirt. Check. Obligatory hat. Check.
My sister on the far right, wearing the oh-so-Cher-Horowitz lavender cardigan. 
And some plaid pants on me. Of course.
 More lovely 90s hats. (Also, who put that dolphin poster up in my room? Not me.)
So very Tai, post makeover.

Bonus: Ask a Grown Man with Paul Rudd.

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