Thursday, July 18, 2013

Spanish Wines: Rueda

I've been in a wine rut of sorts. All I try are the same French, Italian, and American wines over and over again, and I'm basically one cat and/or baby away from becoming That Old Married Lady That Drinks BORING NAME OF BORING WINE HERE A Few Nights A Week While Watching INSERT EMBARRASSING REALITY SHOW HERE. And I figured all this out when we stopped to have a quick drink at Barlata, a new tapas place that opened in South Austin, because I didn't recognize any of the wines on their menu. Nary a one. And I felt weird about it. Because I love wine. But how much do I love it if I don't really know that much about ANY OF THE WINES OF SPAIN?

So, Spain, I'm on mission to conquer some of your wines, one slightly tipsy reality-show-watching night at a time. First up: the Rueda region. So Spanish wines are designated by region similar to French wines, and I didn't even know that before a few hours ago (denominacion de origen on the bottle). KNOWLEDGE, Y'ALL.

Also, this New York Times article made me feel less embarrassed about never having heard of this kind of wine before. More knowledge, y'all.

We picked up Naia's Rueda white wine from 2011 at Central Market to go with the scallops we bought. (We're pescatarian this week.) During dinner, Chris described the wine as: fruity, grassy, crisp. (In real life though, if either one of us were to get all wine-adjectivey on someone, describing a sip as floral or palate-pleasing, we would sound like total and complete snobs. Unless we became friends with the guys in this movie. Then we would be totes fine.) (But in the comfort of our own home, we allow wine-adjectivey-ness to run wild. That's basically true love right there.)

Anyway, we both liked it! Trying new things is almost always awesome. (Exception: probably a lot of things? Just let me be excited about this.)

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