Monday, July 9, 2012

Epic Austin Date: Barley Swine, Henri's, Lick, Rushmore

S: Here's our epic date night, told through Hipstamatic photos.

Me waiting to be impressed at the award-winning Barley Swine.
The pork belly that did it. (Also, the corn soup is made of DREAMS.)
Then wine at the cheese shop Henri's next door to Barley Swine. 
We both had a nice California chardonnay.
And we played some 1980s Trivial Pursuit. (I won big-time.) (Also, it's good to know who Tom Wolfe is, btw. He came up several times.) There is nothing more endearing than an establishment with board games ready to go at every table.
Dessert: ice cream at Lick (a newish all-organic ice cream place in South Austin). I had the coconut, peanut butter, and chocolate swirl.
Finally, we headed to Whip-In (a beer store/Indian restaurant in South Austin) to get some Summer Love, then went home and watched Rushmore. Perfect film to end a perfectly sweet summer night.

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