Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Peeps, Peeps, Peeps: On Why I Love Easter Candy

S: Every year right before Easter, my mom sends me a GIGANTIC box of candy. It's a thing of gorgeousness. Yellow and pink Peeps, pastel Reese's, Russel Stover peanut butter milk chocolate bunnies, Ghirardelli dark chocolates with strawberry filling. And it's always entirely too much, and I inevitably end up giving half of it away to friends or coworkers. But without the box arriving each April, it would feel a little less like spring. And more like I'm a real live grown-up at last. So here's to springtime, Easter candy, and my mom. I love you all ridiculously, the first two a great big deal less than the last.

In the spirit of spring, here are some rad candies you can buy online (followed by shots of my candy swag from Mom):

Andie's Specialty Sweets. These pastel chocolate-filled toadstools are adorable. I can't decide if I want to tragically and joyfully smoosh them all with my feet or eat them.

Julie's Fudge: I have no idea how delicious these light blue and pink fudge squares are, but I'm banking on INCREDIBLY.

Dude, Sweet Chocolate: Chris (my fiance) surprised me once with Dude, Sweet chocolates on my bedroom pillow. He had gone out of town that morning and I had been with my cutely rambunctious nephews since the break of dawn. It was the best thing that has ever happened to anyone after a long day baby-sitting.

Hammond's Candies: Floppy eared chocolate bunny!

And the sweet treats from my mom:

The last picture is not candy in the strictest sense. It is, however, me in my new Easter dress. THAT HAS YELLOW-GOLD APPLES ON IT. It is the second best thing that has happened to me this week.

(Top four images via Andie's Specialty Sweets, Julie's Fudge, Dude, Sweet, and Hammond's Candies)

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