Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Garden Party at Laguna Gloria

S: Garden party! Laguna Gloria has a new outdoor exhibit called Art on the Green. Different local artists built mini golf holes around the grounds, one of which is this awesome giant rooster.

Last night, they had free cupcakes from the Cupcake Bar, beer from Brooklyn Brewery, and wine from Perdenales Cellars for visitors who wanted to putt the course. Of course, about halfway through on the part closest to Lake Austin, I started to get attacked by mosquitoes, so we had to skip a few holes and get back to our picnic spot by this amazing tree (I made potato gnocchi with a red sauce similar to this recipe, but without the beef, and brought it with us).

This is the perfect time of year in Austin. Right before it gets unbearably hot when you can still sip on drinks outside and not get all gross and sticky. Mosquitoes aside, it was a GREAT night.

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