Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Short and Sweet Guide to Marfa

S: Chris and I met in Marfa, Texas, so it is a tiny town with a big place in our shared history. In our living room, we have a framed Marfa Film Festival poster print. Almost two years ago, I went to the festival with two girlfriends of mine. Chris went (bravely!) alone. We met somewhere in the middle.

 The frame in our living room

Friends of ours are thinking of stopping by Marfa as part of their honeymoon, and I couldn't help but make them a list. This lady loves lists! And also, because I met Chris there, it just seems like such a magical (YES, MAGICAL) place.

So here's my Short and Sweet Guide to Lovely Marfa. I hope their visit is as memorable as ours was.

To Stay
Perfect if you want to stay in a yurt, tent, tepee, or trailer. And seriously, who doesn't want to stay in a yurt?

Same owner as Hotel San José on South Congress in Austin. Obviously more expensive than staying in a yurt, but a little more comfortable, too.

National Historic Landmark. Makes you feel like you are simultaneously acting in a Western and vacationing in a small Italian villa.

This is where me and my girlfriends stayed during the festival. Cute little house within walking distance of the town center.

To Eat
A little on the expensive side but definitely worth it. They make a flourless chocolate soufflé that I still have dreams about. Also, America Ferrera was at the table next to us during dinner. Random, awesome, totally Marfa.

Also on the expensive side. Not as good as Cochineal but still delicious. Close to Hotel Paisano. (At both Cochineal and Maiya’s you should make reservations.)

Great, inexpensive lunch. They have odd hours sometimes, so definitely check their website before venturing over.

Cheap and very tasty.

To Drink
The bar we went to every night. Where Chris and I met. Pool tables, video games, bar food, occasionally live music, and the potential to meet your future fiancé. Seriously. It happened to us; it could happen to YOU.

Hotel Paisano
They also have a full bar at the hotel if you get tired of the dive-bar-iness of Padre’s and want to try something a little swankier.

To Do: Nature, Books, Art, Art, Art, Art

Everything listed below is what makes Marfa MARFA. I cannot recommend each and every one of them enough. 

(All photos taken by Sandra, 2010, Marfa, Texas)

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