Monday, August 12, 2013

Shakespeare at Winedale

Three years ago when we first started dating, Chris and I drove out east to Winedale, a tiny Texas town, where the University of Texas English department hosts their summer Shakespeare program. This year, we went back for one of our monthversary dates. We saw The Comedy of Errors peering through the rafters from up in the balcony of a converted nineteenth-century barn.
Day trip success

(Side note: Our GPS was acting completely insane on the way out there, so if you decide to go, snag the directions from their website so you don't end up on the narrow, gravel, bumpety-bump road that leads you past many, many farms like we did.)

Day trip details
Where: Winedale, about an hour and a half outside of Austin
When: The summer schedule runs from July to August.
Why: Because you love Shakespeare? And cute little towns? And are awesome?
Also, food: Bring a picnic or stop at Royers Round Top Cafe for dinner and some delicious pie.

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