Monday, December 10, 2012

Color Me Rad 5k

S: Rad. That word has definitely made a comeback this year, right? I remember in the 80s when all the older kids would use it, but by the time I teenaged in the 90s, it was a throwback to those past neon, hairspray-full years, and sweet, very, and cool were in. I hope it doesn't make the rounds like deck did in the aughts and then disappear (or maybe that wasn't such a bad thing...). Basically because I adore this old photo I found on Pinterest:

Maybe the resurgence is in small part to the Color Me Rad 5k charity run that's been slowly making its way around the states this year and was finally in Austin this past weekend. My sister and I ran it as part of her birthday weekend celebrations. At different intervals throughout the course, all the runners are bombarded with dyed cornstarch and colored water. I got kapowed with a bunch of blue, which explains my Smurfette-like face below.

 My sister's rad hands
Generally a bit radder post-race (note the RAD temporary tattoo)
Sisterly radness

Some words of advice for those considering the run: Keep running at the end! So many color bombs start flying, it's hard to see a few inches in front of your shades. But if you keep moving, everything will be fine.

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