Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Moonrise Kingdom Costumes: Suzy and Sam

S: Chris and I are thisclose to getting our Suzy and Sam outfits finished for Halloween. Yay! I am so excited about these costumes. A breakdown of some main components and where you can purchase similar items online is below.

Chris's Sam shirt:

Chris got his shirt at Target. He went with a dark green military-style long-sleeved shirt, but a light brown or light green shirt would work just as well if that's all you can find. How I made the raccoon patch is here. You can purchase similar raccoon patches on Etsy, although they are SUPER easy to make yourself. It took me about ten minutes. The other patches we got at a local craft store, and we had the pins at home. Similar T-shirts can be found here and here.

My Suzy dress:

I purchased the dress on ASOS a few months ago, and unfortunately it's sold out now. This is the closest I could find online. This dress is also kind of similar.

Suzy and Sam hats:

Chris found his coonskin cap on Etsy, and I bought my maroon beret on Amazon. The exact beret I got is still available (and it looks perfect!), and there are tons more caps on Etsy (not the same, but similar).

Happy costuming, everyone!

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