Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Papi Tino's Dinner

C: Last night, I took Sandra out to dinner at a fairly new Mexican restaurant, Papi Tino's.

S: We went once before during the summer when it was over 110 degrees out. We could actually sit inside this time without sweat dripping off us (no air-conditioning).

C: The house has an old, warm feel to it.

S: The above picture is me in the back part of the front room. Chris thinks I look cute. I think I look like I'm nodding off. Here's our view past the piano to East Sixth outside.

C: As for dinner, we both had the same thing as last time, enchiladas suizas and enchiladas de mole.

S: Delicious. Also, the owner walked around in a bunny costume while we were there. Not kidding.

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